GCG Implementation

The corporate management system in place in the Company has been designed with a consideration on the implementation of the transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness principles, as listed on the GCG general guidelines established by the national Committee on governance Policy (KKNG) and the prevailing regulations.


To uphold objectivity in doing its business, the Company provides material and relevant information in an accessible and easily understandable manner to all stakeholders. the Company provides the full extent of access to information to the public and shareholders as regulated by the provisions of the Financial services authority and by its own accord. reports are published regularly and in a timely manner, and these include the quarterly financial statements and the audited financial statements for the year, as well as the annual report. Information is also provided via print and electronic media, and also through public expose.


The Company employs a corporate management system that encourages the establishment of a clarity of functions, implementation and responsibility of each of the Company's organs. measures that have been taken in terms of accountability are, among others, reporting by the Board of Directors to the Board of Commissioners regarding the annual budget and joint evaluation on the Company's financial performance, presentation of the annual report at the annual general meeting of shareholders ("AGMS"), appointment of the external auditor, and the enactment of the Company's set of Business ethics and Code of Conduct.


The Company strives to ensure its full compliance with all relevant regulations and fulfill its responsibility towards the society and the environment. this is aimed at preserving its business continuity in the long run and in recognition of the Company as a paragon for other corporate citizens.


The Company ensures that its management is conducted independently so that each organ of the Company does not dominate the other nor be able to be intervened by other parties. For example, the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors of the Company may have independently different opinions in a decision-making process, yet they are allowed to acquire advice from independent consultants in law and human resources, as well as committees, to support the execution of its duties.

Fairness and Equitability

The Company applies an equal treatment to the public, capital market authority, capital market communities, as well as other stakeholders. Its relationship with employees is kept at a highly satisfactory level by paying adequate attention to the rights and obligations of both parties.